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SeaBoard Group helps its clients grow value - in the eyes of investors, employees and customers. We specialize in strategic consulting and research and our focus is the technology and communications industries, and in the public safety/administration of justice sector through our "identity" practice. Our services have helped our clients understand their customers, and understand their competitors. We have a demonstrated track record in helping clients understand their markets and growth options and position themselves for success.

SeaBoard's identity assurance practice specializes in design and supply of automatic fingerprint identification systems, ballistics identification systems, and retinal/iris identification systems. Clients are typically governments and specialized agencies concerned with identity assurance.

SeaBoard clients include financial institutions, venture capital companies, governments and regulators, technology vendors, communications carriers, and corporate consumers. SeaBoard offers insight to each. We offer perspective and provide external reference.

SeaBoard assists client Boards of Directors assess the completeness and breadth of management's vision. We work with senior management to explore options, to test assumptions, and to anticipate competitive response. SeaBoard works with corporate consumers to define supplier relationships and extract maximum value from transactions.

SeaBoard can help you see yourself as others see you. SeaBoard can help you shift those perceptions, or exploit them.

Our market is the world. Based in Canada and schooled in Canadian and North American market dynamics we have worked for companies on four continents.



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Thursday, 15 April 2021

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