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 July 2003 - Canadians Cut Their Wires
 May 2003 - Communications Pricing for Consumers
 January 2003 - Catharsis of Penury
 January 2003 - No Worries!
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Vox Populi - The People Speak (to the telecom policy review panel)


November 2005- IGB Grant 514-849-3508 & Brian Sharwood 416-413-9381


  • Canada’s Minister of Industry and Commerce, the Honourable David Emerson, established a panel to review Canada’s policies regarding the regulation of the telecommunications industry in April this year.
  • The panel is to report to the Government in December – just in time, we hear from Prime Minister Martin, for an election call. We hope that the panel’s counsel will not be lost in pre- (and post) election distractions. It would be a shame if the nation were to lose this opportunity to influence the direction of the country’s telecoms development. Filing the panel’s report on a dusty shelf would not be a fitting end for this endeavour.
  • The panel is doing important work. The panel is examining the industry, looking at trends and portents, looking at objectives and social goals, looking at competing visions of what Canada’s communications policies should be. This is a vital exercise.
  • The panel will provide policy makers with useful perspectives and important direction. Our counsel to parliamentarians, and would-be parliamentarians (come the dropping of the writ) is to pay attention. A clear vision of the role of communications should be an important issue for Canadians – we have moved now beyond provision, merely, of telephone service, we are now looking at the mechanics of broader broadband deployment and questions about who and how we should pay for such a key service. These questions are of import to the industry, yes, but they are also key questions for Canadians as we look at our country’s place in a post-internet, post-broadband economy. That the internet represents a useful resource is no longer a question. Broadband access to the internet will be a key ingredient in the economic, social and intellectual life of Canadians in the coming century.
  • Our advise to panelists? Amongst the many weighty tomes of advice and suggestions you have received over the past six months there are many nuggets, many good takeaways. Here’s our round-up:
    • Is a change in regulation, and regulatory focus needed? Yes, absolutely. Clearly there is a virtual consensus (though with some important exceptions) that some shifts are required. A shift from looking-backward, when considering options, to looking-forward would be a good first step.
    • A lighter regulatory hand is required. Trust to market mechanisms, not economic micromanagement.
    • We need to find a way to bring broadband services to all Canadians – but we also need to make sure that all providers, using the full possibilities offered by new technologies, have the opportunity to bring services to Canadians. Should incentives be needed, lets do so through focused initiatives, not indirectly through regulatory fiat.
    • ICT – Information and Communications Technologies – offer important opportunities to Canada and Canadians. We are not exploiting these technologies as much as other nations. We are not adopting ICT advantages into our businesses or schools – we need a vision in Ottawa of what can be, we need stimulus, we need a national technological rearmament. Lets get this on to the political agenda. The panel can help.

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